Can I print and sign?

    If you have received an Encyro E-Sign request for electronic signatures, but you wish to sign on paper instead:

    1. First contact the sender to check whether the sender allows printing and signing. If they do, ask for their Encyro upload page, if they have one.
    2. Click the link to Review and Sign, on the signature request that you received originally, either in your email inbox or in your Encyro account.
    3. You will then see the signing page and it will prompt you to accept using electronic signatures. Instead of agreeing to electronic signatures, click on the “Download File” button.
    1. Print the downloaded file and sign the paper copy in the required place(s).
    2. If the requester provided an Encyro upload page web address (something like
      1. Access that webpage on your smartphone.
      2. On that page, click “Browse or Take Photo” and then use the option that your phone shows to take pictures. Take a photo of each page of the document that you signed. (You may have to click “Browse or Take Photo” multiple times, once for each page that you want to take a picture of.)
      3. Enter your email address and click “Submit.”
    3. If you do not have the upload page address for the person who requested your signature, imply scan the signed file and send it to the requester.
      1. You may send it using an Encyro secure message if you have an Encyro account (you may sign up for a free Encyro account here.)
      2. If the document does not contain sensitive information, you may send it as an email attachment.

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