Sign or fill with access codes by text (KBA) [Video]

    The signature request requires an access code: how do I proceed? How do I get the SMS access code? My phone number is not correct, what do I do?

    1. In your email: Click the “Review and Sign” button as for any other Encyro E-Sign request (see details).
    1. The webpage that opens will inform you if the request requires an access code to be received via text message (SMS). (The logo and colors shown below may differ, depending on who sent you the request.)
    1. Check the last three digits of the phone number shown. If you do not have this phone or the phone number is not correct, you will need to contact the sender with the correct information and request them to send a new request with the corrected phone number.

    2. Click Get Access Code.

    3. You will then see a screen that asks you to enter the access code received on your mobile phone. Within a few seconds, sometimes up to a minute, you will receive a text message on your phone, starting with “Encyro access code:” and a 7 digit access code will be present in the message.

    1. Enter the seven digit code (you may include the dash but its not necessary) in the box shown.

    2. Click Submit Code.

    3. You will then see the document to sign and, if needed, a confirmation dialog to agree to electronic signatures. Continue with completing the request as shown in this article, from step 3 onward.


    • The access code sent to your phone is only valid for 10 minutes. If you did not use it within that time, you must refresh the webpage to go back to the first step and click “Get Access Code” again to get a new code.
    • Once you start reviewing the document, the signing session will remain valid for one hour. If you need more time to review the document: start the session as above and get access to the document. Review it but do not complete any items to fill. Then start the request again and this time, complete the items you need to fill-in within one hour. You must submit the request with all items completed within one hour of entering the latest access code.

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