How to Sign an E-Sign Request [Video]

    If you have received an e-sign request via Encyro, you will receive an email with a a link or a button that says “Review and Sign.” If you have an Encyro account, you may also view your incoming e-sign requests by logging in to your Encyro account.

    1. Click on Review and Sign to open the signing webpage.
    2. A webpage will open with either the document to be signed, or with a notice saying that an access code is needed. If an access code is needed, see these steps.
      1. If the link has expired, you will get a notice saying so. In this case, you must contact the sender of the e-sign request, to request a new link.
    3. On the webpage that opens, the document to sign will be grayed out and you will see a message asking you to agree to the use of electronic signatures. Click on “I Agree”. This only indicates your consent to use electronic signatures; you are not agreeing to the contents of the document itself.
    1. You will then see the document to be signed. You may read the document or review specific sections as desired. The items for you to fill out will appear as light orange shaded rectangles.
      1. If you do not see any items to fill, click on “Next” in the top right and the document will automatically scroll to the next item that you need to complete.
      2. You may click the “Download” button toward the left if you wish to download the file and review it at leisure or take a printout. You may come back to the “Review and Sign” link again to sign electronically. (You will also have an option to download the file after signing.)
    2. To fill in an item that you need to complete, click inside that shaded rectangle.
      1. If the item requires you to type in some text, such as your name, email, or other such information, you will see a cursor in the box and you may simply type in the desired text.
      2. If the item requires you to fill in a date, you will be shown a small calendar to select a date from. You may either select d ate from the calendar, or type in a date in your desired format.
      3. If the item needs you to initial or sign, then you will see one or more options to type or draw your signature. You may not see all the options shown in the picture below, depending on what is allowed for the current e-sign transaction.
    1. If you wish to draw your signature using your finger or stylus, but do not have a touch screen on your computer, click the Start button below Option 1 shown above. You will then be able to draw your signature on a smartphone and the signature will appear on the computer in real time. [See details.]
    2. If you have a touch screen, you may draw your signature in the rectangle under option 2, shown with the red rectangle labeled “1” in the above picture. If drawing with a mouse is allowed, you may draw in that rectangle using your mouse.
      1. When done drawing, click “Use” and the drawn signature will be inserted in the orange box you clicked earlier.
    3. If you wish to type your signature, type it in the box labeled signature under Option 3. Usually, you will type your name.
      1. You will then see simulated handwriting below that.
      2. Select any of the simulated handwriting styles that you like. That style will be inserted into the shaded rectangle that you clicked earlier.
    1. The process for creating your initials is similar to that for your signature. Not all documents may require your signature or initials.

    2. Adding signatures in multiple boxes: If the document has multiple signature boxes, you need not create your signature multiple times. The next signature box that you click will automatically get the previous signature upon your click.

      1. Each box must be clicked separately to ensure that your signature is not added anywhere without your knowledge.
    3. To change your signature: Click in any box where you already inserted your signature. You will again see the options to create your signature. Use the options to create a new signature. Then click User (if you used the drawing option) or click one of the simulated handwriting styles (if you typed your signature).

      1. The signature will be changed in all the boxes where you have already signed within the document.
      2. The same process works for changing your initials too.
    4. Continue to click inside each shaded box that requires your attention.

    5. When done, click Next or Submit near the top right. You will then see a popup that confirms that you are ready to submit your signature.

      1. In some cases, when you complete the last field, you may be shown the option to submit automatically.
      2. If you had missed any required items, the document sill scroll to that item (and you will not get the confirm-popup).
    1. If you are ready to submit, click Submit above. Otherwise, you may click Keep Reviewing to continue to review the document.
      1. If you decide not so sign at all, such as if the document contents are not acceptable, simply close the signing webpage. You may then contact the sender to send you a new document for signing.
    2. After you click Submit, you will be provided the option to download the document, including the data that you filled in.
    3. When everyone required to complete the document is done, you will get an email along with a link to download the final completed file.
      1. If you were the only signer, or the last signer, the file you are offered to download after your signature will be the final file. Also, the email with the link to download the final file will come shortly after you sign.

    The final file includes a special Encyro link to verify if the file has been tampered with. This useful if you do not have your own copy of the signed document, and someone sends you the file claiming you signed it at some point. You may upload the file at the provided link and that webpage will let you know if the file is valid, or if someone has tampered with or modified the contents of the file after you signed.

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