Download an E-sign file before all signers have signed

    Can I download an e-signed file before all signers have signed? How do I see what I filled in an e-sign request before all signers have signed? Can I see what others filled in before signing?

    If you download the file from an e-sign request before all signers have signed, then the downloaded file will display the fields where the signers are expected to fill or sign, but all fields as will appear as blanks. Data filled in by the any signers so far will NOT be displayed. The reason is as follows:

    • This helps ensure that a partially signed file is not accidentally used to record the signatures by the signers so far. Those e-signatures are not fully legally binding because the final audit trails and tamper proofing information is not added until the e-sign request is completed. (Tamper checks for the earlier signers are maintained in Encyro’s system and only the correct information for each signer is added to the final file upon e-sign request completion.)
    • This also helps ensure that after a first signer has signed using Encyro, a second signer cannot download that file and sign using other means. Since the first signature in such a file will not be valid (missing audit trails and tamper proofing), any effort they spend in singing the partially filled downloaded file either on paper or in some digital signature software will only apply to their own signature. The first signer’s signature can be highly misleading in such a case.

    The purpose of downloading the incomplete PDF file from an e-sign request is only to provide the file for printing and offline review. The downloaded file will show empty shaded boxes where something needs to be filled. For instance, a signer may want to review the file in depth before actually signing. They may print the downloaded file and also make notes on it regarding what values they intend to fill in. However, they must complete the e-sign process online using the e-sign “Review and Sign” link provided to them, or from their Encyro account.

    Wet Signature: If the downloaded file is used for wet signatures, i.e., ink signatures on paper, then all signers must use the same process. The download process prevents the partially completed e-signatures from some of the signers from being used accidentally in this case.

    See what others have filled so far: If you are yet to sign or fill in the e-sign request, then the information filled in (including signatures) from the prior signers if any will be displayed to you on the signing webpage. However that information will not be displayed if you download the PDF file. Once you have signed, you can only see the filled in information after everyone is done and the e-sign request has been completed.

    As the sender, if you are not yourself a signer, you can only see the data filled in by others when the e-sign request is completed.

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