Branding for E-Sign Requests

    If you have a business logo uploaded or other brand settings configured as part of your Encyro account settings (in the Brand section), then those brand settings apply to your e-sign requests as well.

    Where does your branding appear in the e-sign flow?

    Your branding is showcased both in emails sent to your signers, and on the signing page for all views (such as secret code entry and file download after signing) except when the document being signed is shown. When the document is shown, all other elements are minimized to give the maximum available screen-space to the document itself and the necessary signing controls.


    Branding in emails use your logo and button color. The following e-sign related emails use your branding:

    1. Initial email sent to a signer informing them about your e-sign request.
    2. Any reminders sent, if configured in the e-sign request options at send time.
    3. Any reminders sent manually using the Re-Send option.
    4. The notification after signing, informing the signer that the document is complete, and providing a with a link to download the final completed file.

    Branded emails appear as follows. The button to click is matched to your logo color(s).



    Your branding appears on the following webpages:

    1. When the user accesses the signing webpage (either from the email link click or from their Encyro account), your logo and brand color are used on the webpage if the signing page has any steps or notices before signing:
      1. Access code (KBA related code) entry page (if the e-sign request uses a secret code, see signing with access codes).
      2. Notice to the user that they have already completed the e-sign request (if they have).
      3. Notice to the user that the request has expired.
    2. When the user starts signing, on the webpage that shows the document to be signed:
      1. The popup to agree to the use of electronic signatures uses your brand color for heading text and the button to agree.
      2. The “Next” and “Submit” buttons on the signing page use your brand color.
    3. When the user completes the signing request, the notice shown uses your logo and brand color for the headings and for the button to download the signed page.

    Emails that you receive from Encyro, such as a notification informing you that a signer has signed or when the e-sign request has been completed, do not use your branding. Only emails sent on your behalf to others use your branding.

    How to Set or Update your Branding

    To change your brand settings, see brand settings.

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