Sending custom forms to clients

    If you have certain forms that you need your clients to fill out, such as a new patient form or other informational forms, you may use the e-sign feature to send out those forms to patients or clients. The e-sign request that you send need not have any signature fields.

    1. First, create the form in your preferred text editor, such as Microsoft Word. Leave blank spaces for items to be filled in by the recipients.

    2. Save the form as a PDF file (in Word, use the File->Save As option and just below the file name, select the format as PDF).

    3. Login to Encyro and click Compose E-Sign to start a new e-sign request.

    4. Click Browse and Upload. Select the PDF file for the form you created above.

    5. Now, insert fields (text or date) in all the blank spaces where the recipient should fill in any data in your form. (To set custom labels and other optional field settings, see this article.)

      1. When you insert the first field, you will be prompted to add a signer. Click Cancel and continue to add more fields. (All fields will be assigned to an auto-generated new signer.)
    6. Click Next.

    7. Scroll down and click Save as Template. You will be prompted for a template name: fill in a name for the form such as “New Patient Form.”

    8. Click Save to save the template.

    The saved template may now be used to send this form to any recipient. If you closed the e-sign request above, click the Compose E-Sign button again and then click the template you just saved. Click Next.

    • Enter the email address for the person who will fill the form.

    • Click Send. The recipient will get a link to fill out the form.

    When they are done filling it out, you will get an email notification. The filled out document will be securely saved to you Encyro account in a folder labeled by that recipient’s name or email.

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