How to Delete an E-Sign Request

    How can I delete a document sent for signature? I sent the wrong document for signature, how can I delete it? I need to send a corrected request, how to delete the older one?

    NOTE 1: Deleting an e-sign request does not release any of the signers from the signed document. Its like shredding your copy of a signed document. Others may still have a copy.

    NOTE 2: Completed e-signed documents generated by Encyro contain standards compliant digital signatures and court admissible audit trails. So even if all copies of the signed document within Encyro are deleted, copies saved outside Encyro can be used to verify the e-signature using third-party PDF readers, and may be used to enforce it.

    If You were the Sender

    If you sent an e-sign request, regardless of whether you are one of the signers or not, you may delete the request only if it has been completed or revoked. To delete a request that has not been signed yet, first revoke the request:


    Then you can delete it by clicking the three dots near the top right and selecting Delete.


    If You were Not the Sender

    Incoming e-sign requests can be deleted in your Encyro account, by clicking the three dots near the top right and selecting Delete (shown above for sender). Requests need not have been completed or revoked.

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