Draw your signature on your phone when signing on a computer

    A hand-drawn (a.k.a. finger drawn) signature is the most natural looking signature. In certain cases a hand-drawn signature may be required by the sender who requested the electronic signature. However, if your computer does not have a touchscreen (e.g. MacBooks, most desktop monitors), you cannot use your finger to draw your signature directly on the screen.

    For such cases, use the option labeled “Draw Via Phone” among the signature options. You will be asked to scan a QR code with your phone’s camera and then open a webpage on your phone that lets you draw on your phone’s touch-screen. As you draw on the phone, the signature will appear on your computer, like live video. The steps to follow are as follows.

    On your computer:

    1. Click the “Review and Sign” link in your email (or in your Encyro account) to access the signing page.
    2. If prompted, agree to use electronic signatures.
    3. When you click in the first signature box, you will be shown a popup titled Create Signature. One of the options is Draw via Phone (Scan QR code). Below that heading, click Start.
    1. You will then see a QR code similar to the one below, on your computer screen.

    On your phone:

    1. On your smartphone, start the camera app (on older Androids, you may have to install and start a QR code scanning app) and point your phone camera at the QR code shown on the computer screen.
    2. The phone will then prompt you to open a website, “encyro.com” - on iOS devices, the prompt may appear as shown below. Android devices will show a similar prompt.
    1. Click the prompt to open that website on your phone.
    2. Once the webpage loads, you will see a box to draw your signature on your phone. Draw with your finger.
      1. You may use the Clear button to erase and draw again.
    1. As you draw on the phone, the drawing will also appear on the computer screen.
    1. When done drawing, click Use on the phone.
      1. You may then be prompted to draw your initials (if the signature request does not require initials, this prompt may not appear).
      2. Click Use again after drawing your initials.
      3. Finally, your phone screen will ask you to resume your work on the computer.

    Back on your computer:

    1. After you clicked Use on your phone, the signature (or initials) drawn will appear in the document on the computer, in the signature box you had initially clicked to see the Create Signaturepopup.
      1. The signature will only appear in the box you clicked, and not in any other signature boxes, to prevent inadvertently signing some portion of the document before reviewing.
    2. If there are additional initials or signature boxes, you may click them and the previously hand-drawn signature will automatically be inserted (you will not need to draw it again for this document).

    Continue to fill in any other fields in the document. When done, click Next or Submit in the top right hand corner of the signing webpage.

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