How to send an e-signature request?

    How do I request an electronic signature? Can multiple signers be added to an e-signature request?

    Encyro E-Sign lets you send a file for electronic signature by anyone for whom you have an email address. You may request the signer to fill out items other than the signature as well.

    Sending an electronic signature request using Encyro E-Sign requires three steps:

    1. Select the file to be signed: you may upload a PDF file from your computer, right click a PDF file already in your Encyro account, or upload a Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file that will be automatically converted to PDF format upon upload
      • Recommended: Since automated conversion of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files can result in some changes depending on the version of Microsoft Office used to create those files, we recommend saving the files to PDF format from your Microsoft application itself before uploading on Encyro.
    2. Prepare the file with fields to fill or sign in: After selecting the file, the Encyro website will let you place fields, such as a text box or a signature field, in places where the signer must sign. You may move or resize the fields as desired.
      • Multiple signers may be specified, with separate fields for each.
      • For files that you use frequently, such as a client engagement letter that you need to send to each new client, you may save it as an Encyro E-Sign template, so you need not prepare it with fields each time. [See details.]
    3. Configure and send: The last stage is specifying the email addresses for all the signers and configuring optional settings such as the order of signing (if required), and reminders.

    For detailed instructions, with screenshots, for each of the above steps, see this article.

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