Can Encyro Essentials (free) users send e-sign requests?

    Can I send electronic signatures without a paid Encyro account?


    To sign an e-sign request that you received: You do not need a paid Encyro account to sign a document when requested by another Encyro user. In fact, unless the sender requires, you do not even need an Encyro account to sign an Encyro E-Sign request.

    To request signatures from others: You can send electronic signature requests using a free Encyro Essentials account!

    Free users enjoy many of the features of sending e-signature requests such as:

    • allowing signers to hand-draw their signature on computers without a touch screen (e.g. Apple MacBook): the signer draws on their smartphone and the signature appears in real time on their computer,
    • free tamper verification for anyone receiving the signed document (no Encyro account needed),
    • resending expired e-signature requests with one click, and
    • automated conversion from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to PDF format.

    When do I need Encyro Pro for electronic signatures?

    An Encyro Pro (trial or paid) account is needed to:

    1. Send more e-signature requests within a month than the free account limit. (Free accounts are limited to 5 e-sign requests per month; you may save the rest as drafts to send next month.)
    2. Customize your branding used in the e-signature request emails, and on parts of the signature page.
    3. Use SMS access codes for Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA),
    4. Automated reminders: signers receive a reminder if they have not signed and a specified number of days have passed, you get notified if your request has not been completed.
    5. Custom Expiry: Select the duration (up to one year) for which the e-signature request is valid.
    6. Select an identity check method (login type) other than the default, and
    7. Change the types of allowed signatures (hand drawn, mouse drawn, or typed).

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