How do I create or setup a portal for clients?

    How do I invite a client?

    You do not need to create or setup a portal account for clients. The first time you send or receive a secure message to or from your client, a portal is automatically created for your client. Encyro’s design philosophy is to make it easy for you, and your clients.

    Add as Contact

    You may, for your convenience, add a client as a contact. This makes the client available in search results when you type a portion of their name in the to-line on a new message. This also displays a client folder for you to easily send a new message without typing in their email address.

    Send a Secure Message

    When you send a secure message to a new client, a folder is created for that client on your side. The client is offered the option to sign up when they receive your secure message. They can sign up at that time or any time later. When they do sign up, they get access to all past unexpiredmessages and files they sent or received.

    Inviting Clients

    While you do not need to invite clients, as explained above, if you do want to let clients know about the secure portal and their account, you have the option to do the following:

    1. Send a first secure message to your client from your Encyro account, when engaging a new client. For instance, your message could say, “This is a sample message to show you how we will send you secure files or messages.” Or you could include a copy of their signed intake form.
      1. Your message could ask your client to create an Encyro password by following the option to reply below your message. There is no cost to the client, and no extra cost to you. This way the client will have continued access to your messages. (Without an account, messages expire.)
    2. Setup your upload page and send the upload page link to your client in an email informing them that is the web page where they can send you secure documents. Make sure you have setup your upload page and are familiar with how to use it.

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