What address do I link to from my website for my client portal link?

    I want to place a link titled “Client Portal” on my website. What web address should I use for that?

    You may use your Encyro upload page address. This page can be set to match your branding and colors. The page allows your clients to quickly send you secure messages or files.

    Whenever you send a new file or message to a client, they will receive an email with a link to view their message. So you need not link to their Encyro account page. However, if you do wish to provide a link that allows them to access their past messages, then use the Encyro account home link: /my. This link will automatically ask for a login if needed or directly show the logged in client account if the client’s previous login has not expired.

    You may also use the title “Secure File Upload”, “Secure File Share”, “Data Vault”, “Your Documents” or similar. Since the Encyro approach differs from a traditional client portal and all its associated overheads, using a new name may be beneficial.

    We recommend using a portal title and web link that will maximize your customers’ convenience.

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