Delete a Client Account

    Is there a way to delete a client’s personal account if we want to start over?

    If you no longer serve a client, and are removing their data from your systems, simply delete all messages sent to or received from that client. The client folder will disappear from your view. Feel free to contact us to remove client folders or contacts in bulk from your account.

    If a client is spamming you or otherwise abusing their secure messages, please do contact us to report such issues. We can block an account if it is found to be violating the terms of service, such as if it is used to send excessive, profane, or illegal messages.

    If you have sent any messages to a client, then the client has a copy of those messages. You can delete them from your view but not from your client’s view. Its like sending an email - you can delete it from your inbox but not from your recipients’. The recipient could have taken a screenshot of that message, attachment, or related information.

    You cannot delete or disable a client’s Encyro account, since the client may have other messages in their account.

    If you wish to simply reset a client’s password, ask them to visit the login page and click the Forgot your password? link.

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