Receive Securely from Others Without An Encyro Account

    With Encyro, you can receive files or messages securely from clients without asking them to sign up for an Encyro account, or any client portal account. This makes it easy for them to send you messages or files securely. Remember, if it is not easy for them to send securely, they might revert to email, and that puts you at risk, as much as its risks their data.

    To receive securely from senders who do not have an Encyro account, you simply use your Encyro upload page.

    To receive via your upload page:

    1. Make sure that your upload page is setup. To do this, first click “Settings” near the top right. On a mobile device, this button may be folded into a button with three horizontal bars in the top right. If so, click the top-right button to expand and then click “Settings.”
    1. Now click on “Brand, Upload Page” in the left pane. On a mobile device, the left pane is hidden - simply scroll down until you find the heading “Brand and Upload Page.”
      1. NOTE: Encyro Pro membership is required for an upload page. If required, click on Membership Settings” and then “Start Pro Trial” to obtain a free Encyro Pro membership trial.
    1. Find the text “Upload URL.” In the input box that follows, type in a friendly name. You cannot use spaces or dots in the name. For instance, if your business or professional practice is called “XYZ Services LLC,” you could try to choose a name like “xyzservices”. Click ” Check and Create” to set this web address. Your upload page address then becomes:
    1. Optional, highly recommended: Scrolling down further, you will see options to set your business name, address, business logo, your photo, and additional data to show on the upload page. Please set at least your name or business name. Otherwise, your email address is displayed as your name on the upload page.

    2. Send your upload web page address to the contact person from whom you wish to receive secure documents. For instance:

      • If you are asking for some sensitive document by email, you could mention “Since email is not secure to send confidential documents, please feel free to use my secure upload page at” in your email to the client.
      • You could also include your upload page web address in your email signature. Edit your email signature to add a line like “Click here to send us a secure message” with a link to your upload page. So your contacts can easily access that whenever they need to send you something securely.
      • Add your upload page link to your website, with a name like “Secure File Share”, “Send Us a Secure File/Message”, “Submit Documents” or similar.
      • See more ideas here.

    When someone visits your upload web page (you may try it yourself), they will be able to upload files, type a message, and send it to you. Those files will automatically arrive in the correct folder in your Encyro account.

    You will receive a notification in your email when someone uploads files or submits a message on your upload page. You may then login to your account, using the link provided in the email or from the Encyro website to see the message received. Here you may read the message, or click on an attached file to open/download it.

    Encyro Essentials members can receive securely as well - however, the sender must first create a (free) Encyro account and then send you a secure message using their Encyro account.

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