Does using Encyro help me increase client retention?

    Using Encyro is expected to help you increase client retention more than a traditional client portal in multiple ways.

    Increase Client Contact and Visibility

    Your clients can use the same Encyro account that they use to communicate with you, to also communicate securely with others.

    For instance, a client may receive a document from an accountant and then send it using the same Encyro account to their loan officer, business partner, or even a family member. Every time your client uses their Encyro account to communicate with anyone, your folder (with your branding) will be shown in their documents view.

    Compete With Larger Businesses

    Service providers can even create a virtual consortium with their complementary providers using Encyro without taking on any new business obligations.

    For instance, a realtor, a loan officer, an escrow company, a home inspector and others who work together may all decide to use Encyro. Then, for the client, a single secure messaging account will suffice to send and receive secure documents from each such service provider.

    In healthcare, a primary care provider, and all the specialists and other providers that he or she refers patients to could use Encyro. For the patient a single secure messaging account will work to communicate with all providers. This helps independent clinics and medical groups to compete with larger hospital groups that do have a single patient portal to communicate with all the departments within the hospital network.

    Mobile Friendly

    Clients appreciate the convenience when your secure communication system lets them use their phone to click a picture of a document and send it to you conveniently and securely. Whenever you add value to the client experience, that helps improve your client retention.

    Security and Privacy

    While the big companies have been offering secure messaging and client portals for many years, the complexity and overhead of doing that was high for independent professionals and smaller practices. Encyro makes it easy for both the service providers and their clients to take advantage of secure messages and files.

    This helps you run a professional and sophisticated operation, both for your own and your clients’ protection.

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