Send a Secure Message

    You can send a secure message to any email address. You do not need to check if your recipient is an Encyro user or not - you send the message the same way.

    Sign Up: If you have not already created your Encyro account, create one here. Simply provide your current email address and a new password. If you already have a Gmail or Facebook account, you need not even create a new password - simply click the ‘Sign in with Google’ or ‘Continue with Facebook’ button on the login page.

    (Both the Encyro Pro and Encyro Essentials memberships let you send securely to any email address. With Encyro Pro, you can change the expiry duration for the message in case the recipient is not an Encyro user.)

    Compose your message: Once you are logged in, click the “Compose” button near the top left. If you are on a mobile device with a smaller screen, the compose button may appear simply with a plus sign (without the text ‘Compose’).


    You will now see an area to compose your message. Here, you may:

    • type the email address of the person you wish to send to (separate multiple email addresses using a comma),
    • upload files (click the browse button or drag and drop files)
    • type a message,
    • type email text (this is not encrypted): this text is included in the email notification and is visible to your recipient before opening your secure message, and
    • attach any files from your Encyro account that you may have previously sent or received.

    Note that you can attach files from your Encyro account even when you are accessing from a device where you do not actually have those files (such as a mobile phone). Such files need not be downloaded to your device - they will be attached directly from the Encyro cloud storage to your new message.

    If you attached a file by mistake, click the ‘X’ button next to the uploaded file shown.

    Finally, click the “Send” button below the message area. Your message will be sent securely to the email addresses you typed. All files you attach and the message you type will be encrypted. The recipient will get an email with a link to access their secure message.

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