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Profit from our investments. Earn up to 30% referral fees!

Encyro.com makes it easy for your audience and visitors to exchange secure messages or files with their clients. Your visitors can reduce their business data risk, meet compliance requirements, and increase client retention with Encyro. Not to mention save time and money on printing and mailing paperwork.

Get started now if your audience includes financial, healthcare, legal, real-estate, creative, or educational service providers, and anyone who needs to send sensitive documents to clients or colleagues.

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Earn up to 30% of sales

For every $100 in new sales, you get $30! And $15 for renewals after 6 months.

No fee to signup

Add value for your audience and start monetizing today.

Rich traffic and sales tracking

Automatic tracking for your link clicks, trial signups, and sales.

How do you get paid?

You link to any page on our website from your blog, video descriptions, social pages, or other online content using a special affiliate link. If someone visits our website using that link and (later) purchases a service on our website, you earn a referral fee, subject to the terms of the Encyro Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions .

And you continue to earn as long as the subscription continues.

Very generous earning percentage: 30% on new sales, 15% on renewals.

Long referral tracking times: 60 days for initial referral, additional 180 days for purchase.

Example: Suppose you refer a user who pays $120 for an annual membership. You earn 30% of $120 = $36.

Next, the buyer adds an employee as an additional user to their Encyro membership and pays $96. You earn another $28.80 (30% of $96) from the same referral.

When the membership renews subsequent years, you earn $32.40 (15% of $216) every year.

Over six years that adds up to $226.80. From just one account!