I am unable to login, can you send me my password?

    I lost my password, can you reset my account? I did not get the password reset email, what should I do?

    If you do not remember the password you previously created, please use the Forgot Password link, also found on the login page. A password reset link will be sent to your email address.

    You should receive the email within minutes. If you do not receive the email:

    • Please check your spam/junk folder
    • If using Gmail, please check the “Promotions” tab
    • If using Outlook, please check the “Other” tab (as opposed to the Focused tab).
    • If your email server has other spam filtering, you may have to check the respective blocked messages list or quarantine list.
    • Make sure that the email address you entered on the “Forgot Password” page was spelt correctly. Especially if using auto-fill, make sure the correct spelling was entered.

    Once you find that email, click the link within that email to reset your password. Please note:

    1. If you ended up requesting multiple password reset emails, use only the latest one (the older ones are invalidated when a new one is sent).
    2. If your email app combines multiple emails with similar subject lines into one “thread”, find the most recent email in that thread. Gmail for instance, may show only one of the emails in the thread by default and you may have to manually expand the other emails to get to them.
    3. The password reset link expires in one hour. If you did not use the received link within one hour of requesting it, request a new one by visiting the forgot password page again.

    If you no longer remember the email address that you used for your Encyro account, or no longer have access to that email account (and so cannot receive the password reset link), please contact us. Our support team will attempt to restore access. We may not always be able to restore access in such cases.

    Please note that you should never give out personal information such as passwords or the complete social security number to an unknown caller or in an email. Our support team will never ask for your account password.

    We do not store your actual password and have no way to recover your previous passwords. The login process follows authorization processes that do not require the actual password to be stored.

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