Account Blocked, Locked Out

    I am unable to login and get an error message suggesting my account is locked.

    The account lockout happens when there are too many unsuccessful attempts to login to your account in a short duration. This is done to prevent someone from getting access to your account by trying multiple different passwords.

    The best way to resolve this is to wait 15 minutes or more, and try again. Please do note that trying again with a password that is not working will not be useful.

    If you have forgotten your password, please click the forgot password link on the login page and enter your email. You will be sent a link to set a new password. For issues in receiving the reset email and other details, see this article.

    As always:

    1. When logging in, please make sure you are on the correct website. Go to and then click “Login” near the top right.

    2. If someone has contacted you from Encyro (pretending to be from Encyro) and is asking for your information such as address, social security number, or even your password, please do NOT provide them with your personal information or password. Encyro Inc. will never contact you in such a manner.

    Your Encyro password should only be entered on the Encyro website and never provided over the phone, email, in an online chat session, or over any other support channel.

    Our support team cannot unlock your account manually any sooner than the lockout period due to security considerations.

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