Encyro Status

    This page provides updates regarding interruptions to Encyro’s website and online service.

    Status: This is currently no outage or service degradation in progress.


    On Thursday January 25, 2024, Encyro experienced a severe degradation in the backend that prevented users from using the website normally. Most users could login but after the login, the data would usually not load (though it did load for some users). The degradation lasted from 10am PT (or earlier) to about 2pm PT.

    • An alert notice was placed in the logged-in view on the website informing users about the issue.

    • The cause of the issue was determined to be outside of Encyro software. Working with Microsoft Azure support, the cause was found to be a runtime update in the Microsoft Azure platform that was not working correctly.

    • A mitigation was put in place and normal operation was restored around 2pm PT (Jan 25).

    • The alert notice was removed from the website at 2:20pm PT. Customers who had contacted support were responded to by 3pm PT.

    • Jan 26, 2024: Encyro is continuing to work with Microsoft Azure support to understand the issue in more depth and determine if automated mitigations are feasible.

    • Jan 30, 2024: While the initial mitigations helped improve the situation, the degradations did re-appear sporadically during high load times. A more permanent fix was deployed on Jan 30 around 8:20am PT. This has resolved the issue.

    • Jan 31, 2024: Continued monitoring of the issue confirms that the fix is working as intended.

    On Tuesday June 13, 2023, we experienced a service degradation in the login and signup service component from around 12:30pm PT to 1:41pm PT.

    • Users who were already logged in could continue to use the service normally but new logins, signups, and password resets were affected.
    • The cause of the issue was a degradation in the underlying infrastructure that Encyro uses from one of our cloud providers (Amazon Web Services). News reports indicated that the issue affected many websites including the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Southwest Airlines, The Verge, The Globe, among others.

    On Saturday, Aug 27, 2022 we had an email-only degradation, between 11am and 6pm.

    • Encyro services (website, Gmail and Outlook addons) and related email notifications were NOT affected.
    • The communications through our Support website (help.ecnryo.com) were NOT affected.
    • However, if you were in touch with our staff via their direct email address, or sent a plain email (non-encrypted) to our info@ group, then those emails may not have been delivered. If you have not received a response in the expected time, please re-send your email. This is only for emails that you sent on Saturday, Aug 27.

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