Silent Install for IT Administrators

    If you wish to use a scripted installation for the Encyro Outlook Addin, that does not require any user clicks during installation, please use the following steps.

    If you previously used an older installer from before Oct 5, 2023, then uninstall the older one before installing the new version below. If you are not sure when you installed the previous version, simply check the version number of the installed Addin in Windows Settings\Apps (or Add Remove Programs) - if you see version 1.x, then that version should be manually uninstalled. If you see version 2.x, there is no need to uninstall; the latest version can be directly installed.

    1. Download the installer file from:

    2. Note the path to where it has been saved. The complete path will be needed in a subsequent step.

    3. Open a Command Prompt.

    4. Run the following command (remember to replace the drive letter and path to the saved file depending on where you saved the MSI file above).

    msiexec /i C:\path\to\OutlookAddInSetup.msi /norestart /qn /L*V "installog.txt"
    • In the above command, the options used are:
      • /i: run the installation
      • /QN: run silently
      • /L*V: verbose logging, sent to specified file

    After the installation, if you open the “Add Remove Programs” settings then you should see “Encyro Outlook Addin” listed in the list of installed programs.

    Start or re-start Outlook, and the addin should be visible. (If not, see troubleshooting.)

    Note: When an updated version of the addin is released, the addin may prompt the user to install the new version. The user may download and install themselves, or you may again use the instructions above to install silently.

    Uninstall: Use the same msiexec command as above but replace /i with /x (for uninstall).

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