Export and Import Contacts: Microsoft Outlook

    (These instructions are for Microsoft Outlook, the desktop application. For Outlook.com, see: this article.)

    Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer. The instructions below assume Outlook 2016 but the steps are similar for other versions. Microsoft instructions for different versions are available here.

    1. In Microsoft Outlook, click File in the top menu bar.
    2. Click Open & Export.
    3. Click Import/Export.
    4. In the dialog that opens, choose Export to a file and click Next.
    5. Choose Comma Separated Values or CSV.
    6. You should now see a dialog to ‘Select folder to export from’. Scroll and select Contacts under the email account from which you wish to export. Click Next.
    7. In the dialog to save the file, select a file name and ensure that the file type is shown as Comma Separated Values.
    8. Note the location where the file is being saved and click Next.
    9. Click Finish and wait for the progress bar to finish.

    If you have multiple email accounts in Outlook that you wish to export contacts from, simply repeat the above steps for each such accounts.


    Once you have your contacts saved to a file above, import contacts from that file as explained here.

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