Export and Import Contacts: Yahoo! Mail

    The instructions may vary slightly depending on the version of Yahoo! Mail you are using. Yahoo!‘s instructions are available here.

    Briefly, the steps are:

    1. Login to Yahoo! Mail.
    2. Click the Contacts icon.
      1. In the older Yahoo! Mail, this may appear near the top left and look like a person’s head shot on an address book.
      2. In the new Yahoo! Mail, this appears at the right of the message list and looks like a small address book.
    3. Click Actions near the top of the contact list.
    4. In the options that show up, click Export.
    5. In the dialog that opens, select either Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo CSV as the format to export (both these are CSV formats that can be imported to Encyro).
    6. Click Export Now and wait for the download to start.
    7. A file named yahoo_contacts.csv or similar will be downloaded, typically to your Downloads folder.


    Once you have your contacts saved to a file above, import contacts from that file as explained here.

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