Export and Import Contacts: Gmail

    Use these instructions if you cannot import directly from Gmail.

    Google maintains the latest instructions to export contacts here. On that page, scroll down to Restore or export contacts and then click Export Contacts.

    In short, the steps are (when we last checked):

    1. Go to Google - Other Contacts.

    2. Sign in if you are not already signed in.

    3. Hover over the photo or letter icon next to the first contact name and click the square box that shows up to Select the first contact.

    4. A menu bar appears near the top showing a square box and ‘1 selected’. Click the square box in the top bar to select all contacts.

    5. In the left pane, select More.

    6. Among the options that show up, click Export.

    7. If prompted to export from the old version, select ‘GO TO OLD VERSION’.

      • Click More in the top menu bar and select Export.
      • In the dialog that opens, under Which contacts do you want to export? select the option All Contacts.
      • Under the question Which export format?, choose Google CSV format.
      • Click Export.
    8. If not prompted to export from the old version:

      • For the format option, select Google CSV.
      • Click Export
      • Repeat the above steps for top level contacts.


    Once you have your contacts saved to a file above, import contacts from that file as explained here.

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