How to install the Outlook Addin

    Where can I download the Encyro Outlook plugin? How to install Encyro for Outlook? Which version of Outlook can I use?

    To install Encyro in Microsoft Outlook, download the installer using the link below.

    Download the installer

    Your browser will usually show the downloaded file near the bottom of the browser window or near the top right. Sometimes the browser simply saves it to a Downloads folder.

    Click the downloaded OutlookAddInSetup.msi file to run it.

    In some cases, especially outside the US, you may get a Windows warning like the one below. If you do, click “More Info” near the text description:


    On the next screen click “Run Anyway”. Windows will show that the software is verified by Encyro Inc. You will then get the installer dialog.

    1. On the installer dialog, check the box for “I accept the terms…” and click Install.
    Installer Accept Terms and click Next

    If the above dialog window does not pop-up, it may have appeared behind some other open program window. A new window should have appeared in the Windows Task Bar near the bottom of the screen. Click that to bring the installation window to the front.

    1. If Outlook is running, you will be prompted to close it. If the following prompt appears, click OK.
    Click OK to close Outlook
    1. When the installation is finished, click Finish.
    Click Finish
    1. When Outlook starts, you may get an additional prompt to verify if you wish to add this customization. If you do, click Install.

    2. To test if the Enycro Outlook-addin was installed correctly, click New Email in Outlook. Towards the top left, you should see a “Secure Send” button that looks like the one shown below.


    If you do not see the “Secure Send” button, check if you see the “Paste” button. If not, then you need to click on the “Message” tab to reveal the top ribbon with the Secure Send button.


    You will now see the “Secure Send” button near the top left. Optionally, click the pushpin like icon near the right to make sure the ribbon does not get minimized again:


    To Send: You may compose a message and attach any files as you normally do in Outlook. The click “Send Secure” to send the email as a secure Encyro message. The first time you do this, you will be asked to login to Encyro (if an Encyro account is found with your sender email address) or asked to signup. For details on how to send, see this article.

    Which versions of Microsoft Outlook can I use with the Encyro Outlook Addin?

    The following desktop versions of Outlook will work:

    Microsoft Outlook 2013 and older versions of Outlook may work but have not been tested by Encyro.

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