How to Move Items to Another Contact

    How can I move a message, file, or subfolder from one contact folder (or subfolder) to another contact folder?

    The Move option on secure messages, e-sign requests, and folder files, as well as on subfolders only allows moving the item to another location within the same contact. To move to a location under a different contact, either the contact folder or a subfolder within another contact, follow the process below.

    Move files or messages to another contact

    1. Download the files from the source contact folder, if you do not already have those files on your computer.
    2. Upload the files to the new contact’s folder. If the files were attached to a message, you may send a new message to the new contact with the files attached.
    3. You may optionally delete the files and messages from the first contact’s folder. The delete operation only applies to your account (the older contact still retains their copy of the items in their account).

    The same process as above may also be followed for e-sign requests, if you simply want to provide the signed file to the new contact. If you want the new contact to sign then a new e-sign request needs to be sent.

    Move subfolders to another contact

    There is no direct way to move an entire subfolder outside of the current contact. You would need to create the required subfolders under the new contact and then upload the required items to those new subfolders.

    Note: When you move items to a new contact, the new contact will get those items. However, you cannot delete items from someone else’s account (just like you would not want anyone to delete items in your account).

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