E-Sign Expiry Duration

    How can I change the expiry duration of an e-sign request?

    To change the expiry for an e-sign request that you already sent, see how to re-send.

    For a new e-sign request, you may change the expiry duration on the ’Configure E-Sign Request’ screen that appears when you click “Next” after inserting required fields.

    Under the heading “Expiry and Reminders”, find the dropdown next to ’E-sign request expires in’. Click the dropdown and change the expiry duration as desired.



    • Expiry duration for e-sign requests is separate from any expiry duration you may have set under compliance settings for secure messages.
    • While the maximum expiry duration allowed is one year, you may use the re-send option to continue to extend the expiry beyond that, if needed.
    • When the document being signed contains sensitive information, use the shortest practical expiry duration that will allow sufficient time for the signers to sign.
    • If using a long expiry durations for a sensitive document, it is recommended that you require signers to login or enable the option for access codes by text message.

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