Order of Signing

    The order of signing only matters if there are more than one signers. When enabled, signers who are lowest in the order are notified to sign first. After signer (or signers) at the lowest order have signed, the next signer(s) are notified.

    Assign Fields to Different Signers

    After you have selected a PDF file and are adding fields where signers will sign or fill in other data, make sure you assign different fields to different signers.

    To change the signer for a field, click inside the field to open the optional settings box.

    Under ”Assigned To”, you will see the currently assigner. Initially, this may be the ’new signer’ unless you inserted the first signer when prompted upon adding the first field.

    1. Click on a field show the field details.
    2. Click “Change Assigned” and then select from one of the signers shown in the list. The list may only have the current signer. In this case, you may add a signer as follows:
      1. Click “Add Signer.”
    1. In the popup window that shows up add either a name, email, and/or a role for the signer. (The role is for your reference only and is not shown to the signers. You may use roles that help you identify the signer’s responsibility with respect to this contract, such as “buyer”, “new client” or “seller.“)
    2. Click “Save” to add the signer to your list.
    3. Once a signer is added it will show up in the list below the “Change Assigned” button. Click on the desired signer to assign this field to that signer. Fields assigned to different signers are shown in different colors.

    Set Signing Order

    After all fields have been added, click “Next” in the left pane to come to the “Configure…” stage.

    1. Below the heading “Who Will Sign”, click the checkbox “Sign in order.”
    2. You will then see a box with a number before each signer. You will also see a cross-bar (under a column labeled “Drag”).
      1. You may drag the signers in the order required.
      2. You may enter a sequence number in the column labeled Order.
    1. Multiple signers at each order: You may enter the same sequence number for multiple signers (you must type in a number and cannot use the drag option for this).
      1. Example: On a home purchase offer, there may be two signers (say spouses) who are jointly acting as buyers. You may assign them both the same order, say “1”. There may be another two signers who are the sellers and will sign to accept the offer. You may assign the number “2” to both the sellers. Then, the buyers may sign in any order among themselves, but the sellers can only sign to accept the offer after both buyers have signed.


    • If the signers have an Encyro account, only these signers will see the incoming e-sign request in their Encyro account (if the sender is one of the signers, they may see the e-sign request before they are eligible to sign, but the “Review and Sign” option will not be available until eligible).
    • If there are multiple signers at a given order, these signers may sign in any order. Other signers at different orders will sign before or after as indicated by the signing order.
    • Signing order sequence numbers need not be consecutive. You may assign numbers such as “1” “5” etc. with gaps. This can be useful if you are still in the process of adjusting the signing order or need to add more signers to a previously saved draft.

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