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    Version 2.x

    Version 2.3: Oct 5, 2023

    This is a significant upgrade compared to versions 1.x and changes the way how you respond to decrypted secure messages. Instead of using the Outlook Reply, Reply-All, or Forward buttons, you should use the corresponding buttons shown on the decrypted message window.

    New features:

    1. Decrypt within addin allows viewing the incoming email notification: so you can view the email intro if that was added by the sender (adding an email intro is an option when sending from the Encyro website) or any other emails in the thread. The decrypted content is placed in a popup window on top of the raw Outlook email - simply move or close the popup to view the notification email or full email thread.

    2. Having access to both the decrypted secure message and the notification email means you can forward either of those two items based on whether you need to forward just the access-link or the actual content.

    3. Option to reply either securely or with non-encrypted email (use the Reply button on the decrypted message popup): Depending on the content in your reply, you may not always need to send encrypted. Also, the previous secure content is not repeated in the reply thread.

    4. Support for increasing the maximum number of allowed recipients: In previous versions, if your account had an override added to allow more than 5 recipients, you would have to send from the website to take advantage of the override. Now the override is supported within the addin.

    5. Higher file download limit: Removed the limit of 30 files when using the “Download All” button to download all attachments from a secure message.

    6. No need to manually unzip: When downloading multiple attachments with one click, the files are stored separately (in previous versions, a zip file was created that required an extra step to unzip).

    7. Support added for Microsoft groups and shared mailboxes. If you add a shared mailbox or group email (such as sales@, info@ etc.) to Outlook, and have an Encyro account with that email address, then the addin can be used with that email account also (in addition to your individual user based email accounts). This means you can send and receive encrypted email from group and shared inboxes.

    8. Automatic decryption for sent-notifications. If you access an email notification saved to your Sent Items folder in Outlook, the decrypted content is shown automatically (in previous versions, an extra click was required to decrypt). Both the original email notification and the secure message are available to forward/reply.

    9. Common installer for web based and local file based installations, including for 32 bit and 64 bit Office. The earlier versions had 3 separate installers and the local file based installer required manually selecting between the 32 bit and 64 bit installers. All the functionality has been clubbed into a single installer that can be used for both manual and script based installs. The installation does not require administrator previleges or an elevated command prompt.

    10. Stabler login. The login step has been enhanced to provide faster performance. (The changes also prepare the addin for a future enhancement being made to the server side.)

    11. Fewer registry keys used, leading to a cleaner install and uninstall.

    Version 1.x Changes

    September 2023: The latest version (v1.36) provides a minor enhancement to decrypt incoming secure messages for more types of email accounts.

    October 2022: The latest version (v1.35) includes some minor bug fixes. No change to features.

    January 2022: The latest version (v1.33) now uses the latest backend (after the recent backend updates for the subfolder feature).

    December 2021: The latest version (v1.32) fixes an issue in downloading all files (as a Zip file) from decrypted messages.

    November 2021: The current version (v 1.31) adds minor bug fixes and internal backend related updates. You should experience no difference in functionality.

    August 2021: The latest version (v 1.29) introduces the following changes:

    1. Adds the option to print an incoming or outgoing secure message by saving it to a PDF file (you may either save the PDF file for your records or print it using a printer).
      1. How to: Simply decrypt the secure message and find the button to save the message as a PDF file in the same place where you would see the buttons to download any files attached to the message.)
      2. Note: The addin may not decrypt all incoming messages if you have the Encyro Essentials (free) membership plan. For such messages, use the link provided to access the message on the website and then use the Print option in the drop-down menu near the Reply and Forward buttons. Most browsers would offer a printer named ‘Save as PDF’ (or similar) to save the message as a PDF file besides sending to a printer.
    2. Speeds up startup. Reduce the delay during Outlook startup to help prevent Outlook from hiding or disabling the addin.
      1. Removes the periodic check for updated versions at Outlook startup. Outlook’s built in mechanism to check for updates for addins only performs the check during startup, and this can cause a delay. This delay in turn can cause Outlook to disable the Encyro addin. To overcome this limitation, the addin no longer uses Outlook’s built-in mechanism to check for updates and implements its own custom mechanism for the same purpose.
      2. Minor other optimizations in loading the addin to further minimize any startup delay.
    3. The version also includes infrastructural updates to prepare for some of the new changes coming in the subsequent versions.

    May 2021 (v 1.25):

    Added support to auto-correct file names that contain characters not supported on different platforms. For instance, certain file name characters supported on MacOS, but not on Windows, are automatically removed from the file name. The contents of the file are NOT modified in any way. Similarly, certain characters in the file name that cause issues with Chrome and FireFox are automatically removed.

    Changes from versions prior to v1.25 are not tracked on this webpage.

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