Update Encyro Outlook Addin to the Latest Version

    Update to Version 2 (October 2023)

    This is the first version 2.x release. When upgrading from version 1.x (any version installed before Oct 5, 2023) to the a version 2.x release, you must manually uninstall the older addin. (Future updates to newer releases within version 2 will not require a manual uninstall.)


    1. Open the Windows Add or Remove Programs settings: In the Windows desktop search box (typically, near the Start button, in the lower left of the screen), type Add or remove and click Add or Remove Programs from the search results. In Windows 11, you may manually go to Settings and then Apps.

    2. Scroll down in the alphabetically sorted app list to Encyro Secure Files and Messages and click it.

    3. Click the Uninstall button that appears. Follow any Windows prompts to continue with the uninstall.

    4. Close Outlook.

    5. Download the new installer (for version 2.x) from the link below:

      Download OutlookAddInSetup.msi.

    6. Open (double click) the downloaded file to run the installer. The installer will prompt you to close Outlook if running. Restart Outlook after the installer finishes.

    7. If you receive a prompt to verify adding the Encyro addin when you start Outlook, select the Install button on the popup.

    See what’s new in this version.

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