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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits | Security

Encyro Makes Secure Messages Easy

Encyro Makes Secure Messages Easy

Encyro re-designed the entire secure communication process to make it super-easy, while keeping it secure.

After all, security is useless if people do not use it. You understand that security is important. But everyone else you communicate with will use the secure method only if it is easy to use. We want to make it so easy that everyone can use it without finding excuses to send sensitive data over insecure email.

Secure Messages and Files

Here are some steps we took to make it easy and automatic to send and receive secure messages or files:

  1. Zero configuration to setup or send.

    • You need not set up any encryption keys, security certificates, or install special software at your end.
    • And you need not share any special pass-phrase, PGP public key or other setup information with your recipients.
    • You need not select any encryption check-box or take extra steps to send securely. Simply type an email address to which you wish to send. Your message and attachments will be sent securely. You need not worry about whether the recipient is an existing Encyro user or not - all messages are sent securely.
  2. Easy to receive for your recipients. Your recipients get a link to click in their email. If they are existing Encyro users, that link takes them to your message in their existing account. If they are not Encyro users, the link directly takes them to the message, with the option to sign up and reply to you. Links for messages to non-Encyro users expire for security reasons.

  3. Easy for recipients to forward your secure message securely. Most other secure messaging services including encrypted email and client portals do not allow your recipients to send secure messages to anyone except you. The recipient must get their own paid account to securely email others. With Encyro, your recipients can send secure messages to others, say forward a document received from their accountant to their loan officer. Or forward to their spouse or business partner.

  4. Avoid Mistakes: Have you even sent an email where you intended to send attachments but forgot to attach the files? Mistakes can happen. So Encyro avoids offering you options that can lead to mistakes. For instance, there is no option to add an un-encrypted message or subject line (since one could place the sensitive message there by mistake). Some other file sharing services let you disable message/file link expiry - so the recipient can access the shared file without a password forever. Encyro lets you only change the expiry duration but never disable it altogether. We help you avoid security mistakes to keep your data safer.

  5. Automatic folders. You need not create shared folders or set other special permissions to share documents. You simply send or receive messages and attachments, just as with email. But messages and attachments auto-organize into folders by contact. You can even view just the files without the messages if looking for previously received attachments.

  6. Automatic key management. You need not save or backup your encryption keys. We take care of backing them up, rotating the keys periodically, and everything else that is involved in keeping your data encrypted and secure.

  7. No new password: If you are a Gmail user, you can use the same account to login to Encyro. Just use the button “Login with Google” on the sign up page. Whenever you change your Google account password, the change automatically applies to your Encyro account as well. Similarly, you may also use your Facebook account to login. You may of course create a separate password if you prefer.

  8. Easy to use on mobile devices. Encyro makes it easy to access your account on any mobile device. In fact, if your mobile device has a camera, you can even take pictures of sensitive documents and send them directly, without having to scan and transfer to a computer. Also, you need not download the attachments to your mobile device if all you need to do is forward the attachment to someone else.

Client Portals

If you are using Encyro as a client portal, there are additional steps we took to make it easier to use, compared to other client portals.

  1. Automatic client accounts. Some client portals require you to create client accounts, while others require you to approve client requests. Some even require you to distribute secret pass-phrases to clients and then ask your clients to sign up using that pass-phrase. It is extra work for you to manage client account creation. And clients find it difficult to correctly complete the signup process. With Encyro, client accounts are automatic. You simply send your message or files to their email address. On your side the client folder is automatically created. The client is free to retrieve their secure message without an Encyro account, or to sign up for a free account. Instructions are provided by the system without your involvement.

  2. Automatic client account management. Many client document portals require you to reset the client account password should they forget it. With Encyro, clients can reset their own password.

  3. Easy to add your branding. All you do is enter your business name, upload your photo, and business logo. Encyro automatically promotes your brand on Encyro message and account pages accessed your clients.

    • Encyro promotes your branding on your folder in the client account view. Your business name and photo (if uploaded by you) is seen by the client when they use their Encyro account, whether to communicate with you or with others.
    • Encyro also promotes your branding on your upload page. The upload page allows your clients to send you secure messages or documents without creating their own Encyro account. In fact the entire color scheme on the upload page can be set to match your business logo, automatically. Yes, that’s right - automatically. You do not have to tweak web designs or color settings.
  4. Easy to stay connected with clients. Encyro makes it easy to stay visible to your clients even if they use your service only seasonally or occasionally. While other client portals do not allow your client to communicate with anyone other than you, Encyro allows your client to communicate securely with their entire team. They can use their free account to communicate with their business partners, investors, employees, loan officers, accountants, lawyers, spouse, and others. Your secure folder reminds them of you each time they use the Encyro client portal to communicate with anyone on their team.

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