Can I Avoid Having to Login Each Time?

    If you are being asked to login every time you visit your Encyro account, it is likely that you or your organization’s compliance settings have enforced automatic log-out: you will be logged out if your Encyro account is left unattended for 15 minutes or more.

    Compliance Setting

    To avoid having to login each time:

    1. Go to Settings (log in if prompted).
    2. Click on Compliance in the left panel. If your account is part of an organization, click “Compliance, Data Security” in the left panel. If on a mobile device, scroll down to those headings.
    3. Turn off the toggle switch next to Automatically logout if inactive for more than 15 minutes.

    Staying Compliant

    Automatic logoff is required for HIPAA, GDPA, FINRA, GLBA and other compliance. So if you are subject to compliance but are disabling the above option, then you shouldensure that your computers and all devices where you access your Encyro account are set to automatically lock if left unattended for 15 minutes (or a smaller duration).

    For Windows, here is how you can activate the screen lock: /blog/how-to-force-windows-10-to-lock-itself-after-inactivity-for-all-users/

    For mobile devices, see /blog/digital-safeguards-for-device-security/ and scroll down (or find “ios” and then “Android”) – they are discussed under section Device Encryption but describe both the screen lock and encryption together.

    Note: Even with the above settings, you will be asked to log in again if you return to your account after many days. This is to help keep your data secure.

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