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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits | Security

Who Uses Encyro

Who Uses Encyro

A review of our recent users shows that people across the United States have been active on the Encyro website. The map below shows user locations and volumes (larger circles represent more users).

Map of recent Encyro users

For privacy reasons, locations are approximate and based on IP address only; we do not link these locations to street addresses or personally identifiable information.

Why Is Encyro Useful?

Encyro can be used to communicate any sensitive electronic documents or messages. Some use cases:

  1. Accountant: Brian serves many small businesses and individual clients in upstate New York for accounting and tax preparation. He routinely uses Encyro to send tax forms such as W2s and 1099s to his client’s employees. He also uses Encyro to send and receive financial records, copies of tax-returns and other financial reports to his clients. His clients can also use their free Encyro accounts to share the paperwork securely with their business partners, spouses and others.

  2. Parents: John and Gale have a 2 year old son. Both work in Seattle, WA. They hired Ellie, an experienced nanny, to take care of their son. After 5 months of working for them, Ellie was applying for a loan. The bank issuing the loan wanted employment verification to be directly sent by the employer to the bank. So Ellie handed the form to John, along with the loan officer’s email address. John saw that the form contained Ellie’s social security number, aside from employment dates and some other personal character questions. Clearly, this was not a form that should be sent over email. So John used his free Encyro account to send the form to the loan officer’s email address.

  1. Financial Advisor: Tony is a financial advisor and helps her clients with their retirement accounts, planning current investments, and credit card debt consolidation. She often has to send and receive financial paperwork. She uses her Encyro account to keep her business and her clients secure.

  2. Insurance: Mike lives in southern California and purchased an earthquake insurance policy for his home. This policy had a discount for customers who use automatic payment through their bank for paying the policy premium. His insurance agent asked for a photo of a voided check to start the automatic payment. Since the check contained his personal information including address and bank account number, Mike used his free Encyro account to send a copy of the check to his insurance agent.

  3. Loss claims: Brandon had some extra furniture stored at a public storage facility in Texas. The facility suffered a fire incident, damaging a part of his furniture. Brandon filed a claim with the storage insurance company. The claims officer asked for some paperwork to be filled out and sent along with pictures of the damaged furniture. Since the paperwork contained personal information, including financial aspects, Brandon used his free Encyro account to email the paperwork and photos to the insurance company.

  4. Education: Kelly finished her nursing school in Florida and was applying for the state license for RNs and LPNs. The licensing assistance company asked for a copy of several educational credentials as well as forms filled out with SSN, personal details, exam scores and so on. Rather than slowing down the process by using snail mail to send the documents, Kelly was able to use her free Encyro account to securely email the required paperwork to the licensing service.

  5. Employment: Robert runs a local business in Colorado that is growing. He is hiring additional staff. He needs to maintain a copy of the candidate’s educational credentials for his records. So he uses his free Encyro account to send them a secure message and requests them to reply with the required paperwork over the same service. Not only does he get the paperwork securely, but it stays automatically organized for his records.

  6. Rental: Graham is a new real estate investor. He is searching for tenants for his first rental property just north of Chicago. Since many rental applicants find it convenient to submit their rental applications and associated paperwork electronically, Graham has set up an Encyro account with an upload page. It also saves him time since he does not have to wait for the mail or set up a second appointment with the renters just to collect their paperwork.

  7. Branch office: Wendy’s local business near downtown has been flourishing for over a decade now. A new sub-division is coming up about 12 miles west of the downtown and Wendy secured a great bargain for some commercial space to start a branch office serving the new sub-division. Wendy’s manager at the branch office uses a free Encyro accounts to send employee I9 forms, accounting records and other paperwork to Wendy at the downtown office.

  8. Digital Marketing: Mark is a digital marketer helping his clients all around town to set up their Facebook campaigns, gather intelligence on competitor’s online presence, and developing strategic marketing plans and discount offers. Since many of his communications to his clients contain strategic business information and draft creatives not ready for public release, he uses his Encyro account to securely send messages and draft creatives to his clients.

  9. Law office: Henry’s law practice has been serving his community for over 24 years now. Over time, many clients have started to send him their case related paperwork and messages electronically. They also prefer to receive his invoices electronically. So Henry started using Encyro to keep his client communications secure.

  10. Mortgage: Frank is a licensed mortgage broker and started out serving new developments, in northern California. As his client base has grown, his in-person meetings with clients have reduced. In fact some of his refinancing clients complete the entire loan origination process over the phone and email. To stay safe, Frank uses Encyro for communicating all loan related paperwork, including Form 1003, paystubs, and other financial details.

  11. Notary: Jim works as a notary signing agent helping several local realtors and escrow companies. His clients often operate under strict deadlines, coordinating across the mortgage companies, sellers, and buyers. Jim uses Encyro to securely receive paperwork from escrow companies electronically, rather than driving around to their office each time.

  12. Life Coach: Marylin works as a life coach and healer helping her clients with many alternative healthcare remedies, relationships, career growth, work problems, and family issues. Her clients often message her after their sessions for follow on questions, often with matters of a personal nature. Marylin uses her Encyro account to communicate securely to keep her clients’ personal matters private.

  1. Consultant: Casey works as a consultant for many local retail businesses, helping them with procurement, inventory management, customer research and several other business tasks. She uses Encyro for all her business communication to keep herself and her clients safe.

  2. Virtual Assistant: Jeff often uses virtual assiatnt services for help with his business tasks. He sometimes has to share private information, including account logins for certain services. Since email is obviously not secure for sending such information, he uses his Encyro account.

  3. Private Tutor: Linda is a private tutor and teaches several students in three neighborhoods. Linda communicates student progress, test results, and periodic reports with the students’ parents. To keep the student personal data private, she uses her Encyro account to communicate with the parents. Parents appreciate the extra care she takes to safeguard their children’s data.


What type of paperwork can you use Encyro for? Anything you want to send over electronically, but keep secure.

  • Professional practices and consultants can use Encyro to send and receive customer on-boarding forms, contracts, business data, and internal reports.
  • Employee paperwork such as I9 forms, W2s, pay-stubs, copies of required credentials or licenses, background check related forms.
  • Contractor paperwork such as 1099s, statements of work, contracts, creative works and drafts.
  • Accounting paperwork, such as financial reports, tax returns, and business data.
  • Signature pages for various applications and authorizations
  • Retirement and investment account related paperwork
  • Insurance applications, claims and related paperwork
  • Real estate contracts, proof of funds, property inspection reports
  • Rental applications and supporting documents
  • Mortgage applications and supporting paperwork
  • Business loan applications and financial data
  • Legal case briefs, contracts for attorney review, case related evidence and documents
  • Any other electronic document, scan or photo containing personal or confidential information

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