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15 MAY 2019 | Security

How to Manage a Data Breach Incident


Last year’s big Facebook data breach sent millions of users in a flurry to reset their Facebook passwords, hoping and praying that their information hadn’t found its way into the wrong hands. Some 50 million Facebook accounts were compromised three days before the company’s announcement, granting hackers access to personal data and landing the social media giant in hot water. Despite damage control efforts, this large-scale hack called into question the overall safety of online accounts.

We usually only hear about high-profile data breaches. In reality, however, smaller businesses are the ones who are more at risk of being affected by a breach. Recovering from a breach is much harder for a small business.

When it comes to detecting an attack, researchers from IBM estimate that it takes small businesses about 200 days before a breach is found — and by then, the attack is well under way. It can cost a large amount of money and reputational damage for a business to get back on its feet after a breach, especially when taking into account the time and manpower required to rebuild a company’s operational systems.

Businesses should arm themselves with the proper tools and information on not only how to prevent a data breach by securing their devices and electronic communications, but also what to do when defenses fail and an attack occurs.