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10 MAY 2020 | Security

Easy for You to Send, Easy for Them to Receive

VIDEO  Easy for You to Send

When choosing an encrypted email service, it is important to consider not only how easy it is for you, but how easy (or hard) it would be for your clients to receive your secure messages.

Watch the short video above to see how it works with Encyro.

To send secure messages or files to any email address using Encyro, you simply login to your Encyro account. Then click on Compose to compose your message. Enter the recipient’s email address or addresses.

You do not have to first invite your recipient to sign-up or do any other setup. Just enter their email address.

Attach any files you want to send and if needed, type a message. Click Send. That’s it.

And here is how your recipient will open your encrypted message. Assuming they do not have an Encyro account, they will get an email with two options.

The first option lets them access their message with just one click. No account signup is needed. They click the gray button, “Access and let Expire,” and are taken to their secure message page. They can download their files if they want. They also have the option to send you a secure reply. Of course, to keep the message secure, that access link will expire in a few days. You can change the number of days if you want.

The second option for the recipient is to click the other button in their email, “Set Password and Access,” which will ask them to first create a password, and then access the message. With this option, the message will not expire.

Try sending a secure message today:claim your free trial.