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10 MAY 2020 | Security

Easy to Receive from Clients Without Asking Them to Sign Up

VIDEO Easy to Receive from Clients  Without Asking Them to Sign Up

[Watch the 1-minute video above to learn how.]

If your clients send you sensitive documents over email, that puts not only your client’s data, but also your business, at risk.

So Encyro lets you receive messages or files securely from clients, without requiring your clients to sign up for any new accounts. With an Encyro Pro account, you get an upload page that can be used to receive messages and files.

Your upload page is customized with your brand - your logo and colors. You can choose from a variety of page designs. The example upload page shown in the video is just one of the offered design templates.

Your client simply enters their email address, uploads files, and optionally types a message. And clicks submit.

You receive the files or messages directly in your folders for each client. You also get an email notification regarding incoming messages and files.

Claim your free trial today to try it out.

Note: You can place your Encyro upload page address on your business card, in your email signature, or on your website. (You cannot do that with an encrypted email address: someone cannot send a secure message to your encrypted email address unless they too have their own encrypted email account.)