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12 MAY 2020 | Accounting | Security

Convenience Plus Security

Convenience Plus Security

Email is convenient. You do not need to create an account for your client or recipient - they already have an email address. You do not need to create a shared folder and send a special link with instructions. The client knows how to get their email and you do not have to ask them to create any extra passwords.

But email is not secure.

On the other hand, client portals are secure. But a hassle to convince the client to sign up. And extra overhead for you to create an account or a folder. And if the client forgets their password, you may have to reset it.

What if client portals were as easy as email?

Imaging this: You send secure message or files to your client’s email address. No creating any accounts or folders. And yet, on your side, documents stay organized into separate client folders. And your clients could send you messages or files, securely, and without creating any account. And those too stay organized into the correct folder. Everything is secure and encrypted.

Thank is exactly what Encyro does. Try it today with a free trial.

An added advantage is that your brand shines, even when your client is not transacting with you. Encyro lets your client securely share documents received from you with their other service providers. Say, a client may receive a tax-return from their accountant and later send it to their loan officer. Or get a financial report and securely share with their business partner. Or send a copy of their W2 to their new landlord. Each time your client access their secure documents, your folder with your branding remains in their view.

How it works

When you send someone a secure document, they get an email notification, and one click takes them to their secure message or files. They can access it from their computer or mobile device. The link expires for security reasons, but the recipient has the option to sign up for a free account (simply by entering a password) and then they get permanent access to the received files or message.

When they need to send you a document, they simply click a link in your email signature (or on your website). This is a common link for all your clients - not a special link that you have to create for each client. The client can upload their files at that webpage page ithout creating any account. Files arrive in the correct folder on your end.

The upload page is customized with your branding. You can choose one of professionally designed templates. Or even the artificial intelligence (AI) based designs that automatically adjust their colors to match your business logo. The AI designs are included for free with your trial membership.

There is nothing for you to configure. No folders to create or permissions to grant. Everything is automatic. Optionally, to help you showcase your brand, you can add your photo, business name, and business logo. That is it.

And you get thirteen layers of security as explained in this video.

Try it today with a free trial.