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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits | Security

An Easier Alternative to Email Attachments

An Easier Alternative to Email Attachments

Sending files as email attachments can be difficult and frustrating. Not to mention, insecure. Encyro helps you avoid the pain of missing attachments, delays, and the cumbersome steps to download, save and move received files.

File Size: Sometimes your email account provider may allow you to attach a file but the recipient’s email server may find it too large and drop it. Or it may be the other way around and you may not see an attachment someone sent to you.

With Encyro, you know the file-size is supported on both sides the moment you attach the file to your message. Because files are directly uploaded to Encyro servers when you compose your message and that is where they stay. The files are not sent to the recipient’s email server at all. The recipient gets a link that allows them to download the files directly from Encyro servers.

Email Delays: It is not uncommon for email messages with large files to get delayed. In fact any email can get delayed. With Encyro, the message reaches Encyro servers the moment you send it. If your recipient is an Encyro user (free or paid), they can instantly download your message or files. So if they are expecting to receive files urgently, they can simply login to their account rather than wait for the email-link to arrive.

Easier to Manage Attachments: With email, finding attachments can be difficult. You often have to dig through multiple email threads to find a previously sent or received file.

With Encyro, attachments are automatically organized into folders by contact. You can view the files alone, without the clutter of messages by simply clicking the button “Show Files Only” in your account.

Forward attachments from multiple messages: Email attachments can be forwarded only from a single message or thread. If you wish to forward files received in two different email messages, you would be forced to first download the files and then attach them to a new message. This is cumbersome on a computer and may not even be practical on a smartphone.

With Encyro, you can attach files from any number of past messages, whether sent or received, and from different contacts. The file attachment dialog makes it easy to do this.

Download attachments from multiple messages: Email attachments can usually only be downloaded message by message. Also, within a message, most email providers allow downloading either all files (as a zip) or one specific file.

Encyro allows you to download all attachments, a specific attachment, or a selected set of attachments from a single message or from multiple messages, sent or received from one or more contacts at once.

And all this while keeping your attached files securely encrypted. If you wish to make email attachments easy on yourself and your contacts, claim your free account now.