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12 MAY 2020

How to Receive Securely With Encyro

How to Receive Securely With Encyro

If someone sends you sensitive files or messages over email, they are putting you at risk. Even if they sent you their own sensitive information, any leak from your email could be considered a data breach from your end.

This makes it essential to provide an easy way for others to send you information and files securely. Especially, if you receive personal information from clients, such as data related to taxes, financial transactions, educational credentials, confidential contracts and so on, as part of your business.

Of course, if the sender is an Encyro user, they can send you a secure message from their Encyro account as described here.

However, you may not always want to ask your clients or contacts to create an Encyro account. Instead, you can use the upload page feature in your Encyro Pro account. Here is how it works:

Steps to Receive Securely

  1. Login to your Encyro account.

    • If your account is not a Pro account, click on “Settings” in the top menu and click the button to Change Membership Type. Then click “Start Trial” to start use the Pro account features.
    • If you do not have an Encyro account, get a free Encyro Pro trial account.
  2. Click on “Edit Upload Page” in the top menu. In the section titled Upload Page URL, enter a name (without spaces) to represent you or your business. Your upload page address will then look like encyro.com/yourselectedname. Click “Check and Create” to get your upload page.

  3. Enhance your upload page:

    • (Optional but highly recommended:) In the section titled Profile Information, enter your name, business name and optionally other contact information. This is displayed on your upload page. b. (Optional:) You may also upload your photo, business logo, or both to showcase your brand. Simply scroll down to the corresponding sections. c. (Optional:) Scroll down to the section titled Design Theme, and select one of the many options for available designs for your upload page. You can even select one of the designs created automatically to match your business logo (if a logo was provided).If you do not select a design, a default one is used.
  4. Scroll down further to the section titled Visit Upload Page. Copy the upload page address shown here.

  5. Send your upload page address to whoever you need to receive securely from. Anyone can use this without an Encyro account and the same upload page address can be sent to multiple senders.

    • If requesting someone to send you a document by email, you could mention your upload page address in your email message.
    • You could place your upload page address in your email signature, so it is easily available to your contacts when they wish to send you any secure documents.
    • You could add a link to your upload page from your website.
    • You could also print the upload page address on your business cards or brochures.

Whenever someone uses your upload page to send you secure documents, you will receive an email notification. Clicking the link in the email notification will take you to the received message in your Encyro account (you will be asked to login if you are not logged in).

All received messages and documents/files stay organized in folders by contact.