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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits

No New Password

No New Password

Hate creating a new password? We too!

You can login to your Encyro account using the same password that you use for Gmail or Facebook. Just go to the signup page and click ‘Login with Google’ (or ‘Login With Facebook’). The first time around you will see screen from Google (or Facebook) and right after that you will be logged in to your free Encyro account.

No forms to fill. You will not need to enter any name, email or other information. Its like getting a free account with no effort. Just tap a couple of buttons. You can even do that from your smartphone!

And when you change your password with Google, the same applies to your Encyro account. Similarly with Facebook.

Start sending secure messages, files, electronic documents, or even photos or scans. Get your free account without filling any forms and without creating a new password.