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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits

Use on Any Device, Mobile Friendly

Use on Any Device

Encyro is designed to be mobile friendly. The user interface adapts automatically to suit your screen size. So you can use it easily on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

There is no limit on the number of devices allowed for an account. Both Encyro Essentials and Encyro Pro members can use their account from any number of devices.

Easy Scan from Phone

If your smartphone has a camera you can take a picture and attach to your message. On a smartphone, either from an upload page or from the send message page, when you click ‘Browse’ to attach files, you will have the option to click a picture. Just purchased something and need to send the receipt to your office manager? At a client location and need to securely send a photo of the strategic white-board discussion? Share securely using Encyro.

Forward Without Download

Just got a document from the bank that you need to send to your accountant? Vendor sent a document that you need to send to your client or staff?

You probably do not want to download secure documents to your phone as mobile devices are easy to get lost or stolen. But you need not wait to get back to your desk, save the secure document from one message and then send securely in another message. You can send documents received using Encyro directly from your phone, without having to download them. Just choose the option to attach from your Encyro account and you can select documents from multiple previous messages.

Try it with a free account. No long forms to fill. You can sign up right from your phone.