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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits

Fully Automatic Encryption

Fully Automatic Encryption

We take care of encryption for you. You need not save any encryption keys, install special software or configure any security settings to use Encyro.

Messages and attachments are encrypted at your device, so they never travel across the Internet without encryption. And we store them encrypted on our servers as well.

And that is not all. We use multiple encryption keys. The keys used to send data to you are different from those used to store data and also different from keys used to send data to others. So even if some computer is infected with a virus, they only get the keys for that one account. Others’ data stays safe.

We also use different encryption keys for backups across multiple data centers. At least one backup is maintained hundreds of miles away. So your data stays safe in case of hardware failures and major events that could cause an entire data center to fail.

But you need not worry about any of that complexity. Simply get your free account and start sending and receiving securely today.