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2 APRIL 2023

Facebook Data Deletion Request

Facebook Data Deletion Request

How can I delete the data that Encyro received from Facebook when I logged in or signup using Facebook?

There are two options to remove your data that Encyro received from Facebook - one that allows you to retain your Encyro account and the other that involved deleting your Encyro account.

Encyro receives your email address, name, and a Facebook username from Facebook as part of the login process if you use Facebook to login or to sign up with Encyro.

Option 1: Remove Facebook Data, Retain Encyro Account

To remove your Facebook data, first login to your Encyro account (using your Facebook login, or using your password-based login if you created that in addition to your Facebook login).

Once logged in, please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings from your logged in view).
  2. In the left pane, click on Account Security(on a mobile device, scroll down to heading “Account Security”).
  3. If you do not yet have a password-based login, click on Add Password. (If you only see the “Change Password” button, but not “Add Password”, then you already have an Encyro password.)
  4. Once you have added an Encyro password, login using the Encyro password and again go to Settings\Account Security.
  5. Click on Remove Facebook under the heading External Logins. If you do not see this button (you may see the “Add Facebook” button), then that means you do not have a Facebook login and no Facebook data to be deleted.

Once Remove Facebook is done, your Facebook data has been deleted from Encyro’s systems and you can no longer login to Encyro using Facebook. (You may optionally remove Encyro from your Facebook apps using Facebook’s instructions.) However, you can still login to Encyro using your Encyro password.

Option 2: Remove Facebook Data and Delete Encyro Account

If you delete your Encyro account, your Facebook provided data (along with other data) will get deleted. Before you delete your Encyro account, please download all required messages, files, or other data such as past payment receipts.

To delete your Encyro account:

  1. Login to your Encyro account. If you have multiple Encyro accounts, please carefully check which account you are logged in with so that you only request the correct account to be deleted.
  2. Send a secure message to info@encyro.com requesting that your Encyro account be deleted. You may click this link to directly login and start the secure message to the correct recipient address.

A support request to delete your account will usually not suffice - we do not want someone else to request deleting your account and so a secure message from your logged-in account is needed.

NOTE: If you sent messages to others using Encyro, then your email address and potentially the name will remain displayed on those messages in the other user’s accounts, even if you delete your own account. The data displayed in other users’ accounts is treated as data sent directly by you to those users (not received by those users through Facebook). There is no way for you to delete any data stored in another user’s account (except as an administrator for users within your own organization).