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12 MAY 2020

Using Email: Is Your Business At Risk?

Using Email  Is Your Business At Risk?

Email is not secure. Your bank never emails your statement, right?

Email data can be leaked in many ways.

  • Account Hacking: The accounting firm of Chiorini, Hunt and Jacobs recently had their email hacked, leaking customer data including tax returns, W-2s, 1099s, health plan 1095-As, and direct deposit bank account information.
  • Re-routing: An employee email account personal finance planning service Aperio had its emails rerouted to an attacker account. The re-routing happened simply due to a rogue click on a phishing link.
  • Snooping: Email data can be easily copied as it travels without encryption over the network. Research investigations of over 700,000 email servers have found that most servers have loopholes that attackers can exploit to bypass encryption.

The Federal Trace Commission specifically requires anyone providing financial services, including accountants, lenders (including non-bank lenders), financial planners, tax preparers, credit counsellors, investment advisors, debt collectors, real estate settlement services and escrow companies, and real estate appraisers to protect nonpublic personal information (NPI).

Specifically, the Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) Act of 1999 and Safeguards Rule of 2002, both enforced by the FTC, require:

  • Encrypting sensitive customer information when it is transmitted electronically via public networks
  • If you collect information online directly from customers, make secure transmission automatic
  • If you must transmit sensitive data by email over the Internet, be sure to encrypt the data

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