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17 JANUARY 2021 | Accounting

Dynamic File E-Sign Templates

Dynamic File E-Sign Templates

Encyro E-Sign templates let you use a new file each time you send an electronic signature request. Use this feature for e-sign requests where a new file is generated to be signed for each client but the placement of the signature boxes and other items to fill is is the same. So you re-use:

  • signature boxes
  • text, dates, initials and other items to fill in
  • KBA settings
  • e-sign request configurations such as reminders, login types, signature types
  • email subject and introductory text

Just provide the new file and the new signer details.

Use this for your 8879 and 8878 e-sign requests, and even form 8888, that need a new file for each client (prepared through your tax software) but the signature box appears in the same place each time.

Most other e-sign providers, such as HelloSign, require you to use the same file with a saved template. Encyro’s dynamic file templates let you save significant time compared to other e-sign providers.

See step by step instructions with screenshots.