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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits

Backups at Multiple Data Centers, Hundreds of Miles Apart

Backups at Multiple Data Centers

Your data in the Encyro cloud is protected with encrypted backups. In addition to three backups within each data center, we also use backups at another distant data center, hundreds of miles away (within the United States).

Local: The data backups within the data center make sure that your data stays safe in case of a hard disk crash, server failure, or other hardware issues.

Remote: The data backups at a distant location make sure that your data is not lost in case of a major event such as extreme weather or natural disaster that damages an entire data center.

Not all encrypted email providers and client portal products can offer you multi-location backup. With Encyro, this feature is included in all membership tiers, including the free accounts. So you can rest assured that your business, professional practice, or important personal communications can rely on Encyro.

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