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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits

Avoid Printing, Copying, and Mailing

Avoid Printing

Sending paper documents is expensive! Printing, copying and mailing are real costs for any business that sends paper documents to clients. There is a huge time cost to taking printouts, printing addresses, sealing envelopes, stamping and mailing. Not to mention the overheads of maintaining the printing equipment, space costs for the paper files, and security overheads for them.

Finding paper documents is also time consuming. What happens if a client asks for copy of some document they cannot find? It is not just the five minutes to make a copy. There is a real interruption to office work flow to handle such requests. The document needs to be located in your own filing cabinets, copies made, and the client served with staff time spent on each step.

Using electronic documents has many benefits:

  • You save on printing overheads. No more worrying about printer jams and low toner warnings.
  • You save on mailing costs. Envelopes, stamps, sealing and folding.
  • You save on space. Filing cabinets not only cost you money but take up valuable space that can be used for other purposes. Anytime you have to update your office layout, those heavy file cabinets will have to be dealt with.
  • Backups are a lot easier for electronic documents. Maintaining backups of paper documents is difficult to say the least. How do you protect paper records from flooding, fire, and other disasters?
  • Security is easier too. Any unauthorized access to paper documents means someone may have made copies. Or even removed a few documents and that loss will likely not get noticed until that file folder is accessed again.
  • Your clients get the documents faster. Its often easier for them to manage electronic documents rather than waiting for things in the mail and maintaining paper files.
  • Help the environment by reducing your paper consumption.

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