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12 MAY 2020 | Benefits

Auto-organize Your Documents

Auto-organize Your Documents

If your business receives email from clients, it is likely that you or your client had trouble locating a document that was already sent. Either you wasted their time or they wasted yours.

If you use your personal email to send or receive documents from your service providers such as accountants, mortgage brokers, landlords, tenants, household employees, legal counsel or others, it is likely that you had trouble finding something they already sent.

Because email attachments are cumbersome to manage and difficult to keep organized. Who really has the time to download, save and copy all received attachments into well-organized folders?

An Easier Way

With Encyro, all the files you send to your contacts automatically stay organized into folders by contact. You need not download, save and copy files. You need not even create any folders, because everything is automatically set up for you.

Need to forward a file you received from your accountant to your loan officer? Just go to your accountant’s folder, and forward it. And the next time around, the file will be available in both the accountant folder and the folder for you loan officer. So you need not remember which folder had it.

It does not matter if you access your files on your phone, your work computer, or your home computer. Since you do not have to download the files on one particular device to organize them - the organized files remain available on the cloud from all your devices and computers.

Auto-organize Today

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